Look Well To This Day

“Look well to this day, for it is life, the very life of life.

In it lies all the realities and verities of existence: the bliss of growth, the glory of action, splendor of beauty.

For yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow only a vision.

But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Look well, therefore, to this day, for it and it alone is life!

Such is the salutation of the dawn.”

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Georgia...

Hi everyone,
I am going to try this again and see if this time it looks correct...thanks for your patience!

Check out this fabulous website  http://www.dulemba.com  of Elizabeth Dulemba's.  Elizabeth is a writer/ illustrator of many children's picture books.  Illustrations are full of life and oh so very fun!!  Elizabeth currently has her newest book The Twelve Days of Christmas in Georgia on her website with many FREE activity pages for you and your child/children to enjoy.  Please check out the fun!

Stop by again and take a look around


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wow, the BIG Walk is Getting Sooo Close

I can't believe it has taken me sooo long to come back to this blog.  I have been knee deep 
in helping my daughter Misty and her walking partner/friend Rayna get ready for their 
Komen for the Cure 60 Miles in 3 Days walk in Tampa Halloween weekend!.  We have 
another (even bigger)BIG fundraiser this weekend. We are having 6 bands, 
Car & Motorcycle Show,  Cornhole tourney, great food, friends and fun at a local 
night hot spot!!   Sure hope we can pull off a BIG monetary commitment for the walk.  
I have my fingers crossed...

In the mean time I have been trying to make Scrabble and Domino pendants to sell at 
the BIG fundraiser. What a labor of love this has been.  It seems I get it right and 
all of sudden a corner lifts her and there. I am not down, but they won't be 
ready for the weekend the fundraiser!  Here are a few pic of this 
labor of love in progress!

First up...this is what our living room floor currently looks like...ugh!  My hubby 
has been so understanding...I love you sweetheart!!

Next up is a look at the beginning of the real frustration.  

I want it to look...Oh, let's say 
and I won't sell unless they do!  

There is more work to be done and when they are finished to my perfection...I will sell them at work, to friends, family and on Etsy!

I hope it won't be too long before I return, but for now...

Thanks for stopping...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Journey Continues

There isn't a card to post today, just a very happy story to tell you all...

Yesterday was the BIG kick off to the PINKy Promise Rockstars 2nd journey for the Susan G Komen's 60 Miles in 3 Days Walk to find a cure for breast cancer.  My daughter Misty has wanted to do this walk for so many years; after many friends have fought and some who lost their fight against this dreaded disease.  Misty and her walking partner Rayna (PINKy Promise Rockstars, name of their team) had to raise $2,300. each to do the walk.  They walked the 2009 Komen 60 miles in 3 days in Atlanta, Ga.  At the end of that walk, they were already planing ahead for this year's walk.  Only changing the location from Atlanta, Ga. to Tampa, Fl.  You see, Misty had decided if need be, she & Rayna (and if anyone else who wants to!) will do this walk in a different community each year!!

The 1st fundraiser for this year's walk was held today...A BIG Smoked Boston Butt sale.  Toby (my step-son), his father-in-law Larry & neighbor John woke up extremely early to ready 3 big and 1 x-big smokers for the day. The lady of the home Linda (where this all took place), graciously had a yummy breakfast casserole ready for all to enjoy.  Thank you Linda!  Randy & I picked up 104 fresh Boston Butts at 8 this morning and rushed them all out to the ready grills.  After about 6 hours of smoking they were ready for pick-up and delivery.  All 104 Boston Butts were sold and the calls came in about the wonderful yummy favor the Boston Butts had.  As the day was done and there were some very tired family & friends.  Misty was very happy about the great big deposit they  had coming to make toward her their goal of $4,600.
John, Larry and Bill stand "guard" over the smokers!

 The Boston Butts are on the grill, now it's time to kick back and enjoy the 
day while the meat smokes!

A very special thank you goes out to all that helped in making this fundraising 
event be such a wonderful success! Now onto the next event...

Thanks for stopping by & until next time...Debbie

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shutdown Fun!

Today's post is going to be short and sweet!

I work for a Bright Horizons(child care), who is a vendor for Toyota.
When Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana (TMMI)
shutdowns down in July (and in December), I have an automatic
weeks vacation. And that's where I am right now...on vacation at my 
computer at home!  No trips, however a few small plans, but  that
makes this time Sounds like card time!

This card was made for a special friend...I am ahead of schedule...not 
until the end of this month.  Happy Birthday Pearl!

I made a patch work using paper from Tim Holtz's Vintage Shabby paper stack. How I love his paper stacks!!  My image is from Elizabeth Dulemba coloring pages, isn't she darling?  I colors with Copics, adding some Stickles for some sparkle, and I colored some DMC Ecru cross stitched floss with Victoria Velvet Distressed Ink.  There you have it!

Until next time...Debbie

PS...Sorry for the lighting on my picture, it isn't very good!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Randy & Congrats to Toby!

Welcome back to A Touch of Me!  This past week of a lack of sleep, free dress at work, a 3 day work week and full of excitement and fun!

Early in the week as I so often find myself, I happened upon a new blog.  A very energetic Laura at The Paper  Trail  http://followingthepapertrail.blogspot.com  made this really neat Envelope Accordion Mini on  June 9th. I just had to give it a try for my hubby's birthday.

While hubby was outside being busy, I got busy hunting through a laundry basket full of memories. Not knowing when he might come into the house, I hurried though lots picture albums and pictures still in the envelope you receive after developing.  Asking myself over and over, do I want to use this picture or that picture.  After almost an hour of being sneaky, I settled on many great old pictures. As time was getting away from me, I went to my favorite office supply store and laser copied my favorite pictures.  I was sure it would be faster than getting pictures copied.  Now, to get the pictures and photo albums home, put back where they belonged and get to work creating something special for my hubby's 60th birthday!  I really enjoyed find the pictures and putting together this trip down memory lane for my hubby's birthday!  What do you think?

On Friday at 3 in the morning, Randy and I got up and ready to take off for Plainfield, Indiana.  It's near Indianapolis. Toby (Randy's son) was graduating from the  Indiana Law Enforcement Academy!  It was sooo worth it to me to have had taken Friday (June 9th) off from work, to be with Randy.

Toby  graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) yesterday morning as expected, but what wasn't expected were the 2 of 3 awards that were awarded to Toby. The Firearms Proficiency Award He received this top marksman award by scoring 238, 240 and 240 out of a possible 240. Toby was also awarded Herman H Freed Award.  Herman H. Freed died in 2004. Freed has  often been referred to as the "Father of the Law Enforcement Academy" as Freed immediately saw the need for appropriate training for recruits and was instrumental in ILEA's beginning. Of the 91 recruits who started out in Toby's class only 66 graduated. Toby also missed the Academic Achievement Award by only .03 of point.   WAY TO GO TOBY! 

To finish out the week, a celebration of Toby's graduation and Randy's birthday was had.  Boston Butts were smoked all day, lots of covered dishes were carried to the party and great music was played by Toby and his band.  Great enjoyment was had by family, friends and Toby and his fellow 6 graduating sheriff deputies.

Until next  time...   Debbie

Supplies used: Tim Holtz Lost and Found paper stack, Tim Holtz assorted idea-ology embellishment collections,  Tim Holtz dies Flourishes and Tatter Florals , Tim Holtz Distressing Tool, cover scripting is computer generated Angelic Wars font, assorted comments also computer generated. An assortment of cardstock from my stash.

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Night After the Night I Didn't Go to Sleep

Already this morning I have hand one of our "pet" raccoons at the back door, looking for yummies. This one has been named Mama. She is the mother of the raccoon I told you about in the 1st post who licks my finger clean of marshmallow. Mama is very cautious. She will get within 1 1/2 feet of Randy or I, but will not feed out of our hands. I am still hoping she will in time. The above picture is of my hubby, Randy with Precious. Precious likes to stretch on Randy's belly and pull Randy's arm so that he gives her a marshmallow treat. Well, I have heard from the sweet Mary that has been urging me to start a blog. It is so nice to have such support to make this step to start a blog. Mary Giemza is an amazing talent in the rubber stamp/digital world. She is apart of 3 different blogs and many Design Teams. Check her out to be inspired! http://mycardz.wordpress.com Thankz, Mary :-) Now my next challenge, figuring out how to get the cards I want to show on here. I can see a button on my tool bar...let's give it a try! One down and now let's try 2. The 1st picture would go when I wanted it to go...so I reorganized the blog to fit the picture. Yippee...I did it!!!!! This card I made for my daughter Misty. A Special Ed teacher in Marietta, Ga. She has a lot on her mind right now and I thought this card would be perfect for her. Oops, the cat will be out of the bag if she checks the blog out! Lol. The butterfly is a Tim Holtz Alterations Butterfly die cut. I used some fine glitter to fill in on the butterfly. Just a little glitz! The DP is from a Tim Holtz paper pack Lost and Found. Gosh, I had been waiting for this paper pack since Winter CHA. Really yummy stuff,I do say. My title was computer generated. I hope you enjoyed your stop here today. Deebi Leave a comment and come again soon!

My First Post

As I sit here much later/earlier in the night/morning than I should be doing, I write my 1st blog post at A Touch of Me! blog.

Today was a lazy day for as long as I could make it last. I needed to get going. Out to get the supplies to create a wonderful Father's day gift for my classroom "friend's" fathers. I play, teach & nurture a classroom of 18 children, ages 5 and few of almost 5s. They have graduated from Pre-K and will soon find their way to kindergarten classrooms in our tri-state area come August. We are making something really cool for our fathers. Of course I can't tell just yet, doubtful. but dads might find this blog and the surprise would be spoiled. After shopping, I found my hubby Randy, was busy outlining the yard. That was so I could mow 2 acres of grass without getting another case of Poison Ivy. Randy has another 4 1/2 acres of woods. The Poison Ivy can be found hit and miss along the edge of the woods. Poison Ivy and I don't get along. I remember when Randy & I first got together, he would slow poke around the yard...it wasn't surprising that it took him 2 1/2 + hours to cut this grass. I on the other and put the pedal to the medal of the 42" tractor & get the job done done in 1 hour & 10 minutes! Zoom, zoom, zoom. We took a fun 4 wheeler ride afterwords. As we live in the country, the roads are a bit narrower than city streets and with the usual pot holes. Bump, bump, bump...I held on tight! Every day is finished with the feeding of up to 22 large raccoons and 9 (and counting) baby raccoons. We open the pole barn doors at 8:30 pm and we start the feeding. On the menu; marshmallows, "Goldfish" crackers, vanilla wafers, animal crackers and the main staple, dog food. About 10 of the raccoons will feed from our hands. We are always working slowly with new raccoons to feed out of our hands. One raccoon will sit on command. A year old black raccoon, will lick my finger clean if any of the marshmallow is left on my finger. Randy and I have great enjoyment feeding these raccoons. They are the closet thing I will have to having a pet! If you are a lover of the animal world, there will be more stories of my "pets". Well enough of this late hour escapade...until next time... Debbie Please join me again @ A Touch of Me!